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What is Meeting Point Hoima?

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Meeting Point Hoima is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), which offers care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and affected families. This also includes orphaned children. Activities of Meeting Point Hoima cover the whole district.

The goal of the organisation is to contribute towards the care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS in Hoima District.

The objectives of the organization are:
  1. To provide social, spiritual and psychological support to people living with HIV/AIDS by keeping in contact with them in their places of board and provide then with all possible attention.
  2. To create awareness amongst the communities about HIV/AIDS infection with particular attention to women.
  3. To counsel all persons with HIV/AIDS and to extend such services to their homes, especially bed ridden pations.
  4. To support orphaned children of parrents who died as a result of HIV/AIDS infection, by providing them with education facilities and other essentials as may be required from time to time.
  5. To support HIV/AIDS persons by providing them with available essential needs as may be required at all time.
  6. To improve health standards amongst the needy communities other than HIV/AIDS persons through workshops and seminars
  7. To sensitize the communities, the danger of HIV/AIDS and the need to guar against it by practicing safer sex if they cannot abstain.


thx for the care to the vulnarable children

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