Together we fight HIV/AIDS

  • Activities

    Meeting Point Hoima has mentors who go out to different primary schools in Hoima to inform about HIV/AIDS. Information to the young generation is one way to fight HIV/AIDS. Click to know more about the activities we do.

  • The Staff Members

    Meeting Point Hoima has a strong team of staff members. They are doing great work helping and supporting the children suffering from HIV/AIDS and the orphaned children in Hoima. Click here to get more information about the Staff.

  • Creating awareness

    In the end of every year Meeting Point Hoima has a function. Where all the supporting children, the staff and donators are marching around in Hoima Town to create awereness of HIV/AIDS. Afterwards dancing, singing and drama are finding place. Click here to see more picture of the function 2010.

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The children of today are the future of tomorrow

Posted by Meeting Point Hoima On 5:37 PM 1 comment

The effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on children are huge. Every year hundreds of thousands of children are infected with HIV. According to UNAIDS estimates, there are now 2.1 million children suffering from HIV in the world.   
In Uganda about 150,000 children are living with HIV and 1.2 million children have been orphaned by Uganda's devastating epidemic. In fact, Uganda has the largest population of orphans per capita of any country in the world. It is very important to help these children, because many of them can not effort to get an education. They grow up without any support and they may become our biggest problem in the future; “The children of today are the future of tomorrow”, and as these children are more likely to become street children, the future looks dark.  
In Hoima District the number of children affected by HIV/AIDS is extremely high. Meeting Point Hoima is one of few organisations in Hoima District which supports these children, and of course Meeting Point Hoima needs all the help it can get.