Together we fight HIV/AIDS


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Meeting Point Hoima has many different programs. Here are some of them:

1) Home Based Care Program
The Home Based Care field Field officers, who are trained counsellors, welcomes and counsels children and their families with different problems related to HIV/AIDS. E.g. issues of caring for the sick, hygiene, nutrition, health education.
Distribute Home Based Care materials like Mosquito nets, water filtration systems and more.

2) Distant Support Program (DSB)
This program supports orphans and vulnerable children in nursery school. They are given school fees and scholastic materials, psychological support and moral support.
Meeting Point Hoima has also brought a group of orphans together, who were neglected by their relatives and has given them a house where they now live together with some adults who takes care of them. These children are supported in everything (food, shelter, clothing etc.)

3) Prevention Program
Prevention is an important part of the work done at Meeting Point Hoima. Social workers inform primary school children about HIV/AIDS, e.g. teach them how to prevent themselves from HIV/AIDS.
Meeting Point Hoima offers Peer Education. The peer educators inform mothers on not to infect their babies through breastfeeding. Instead the mothers are given alternative methods of feeding the babies.
Meeting Point Hoima gives mass information to the public about HIV/AIDS.
4) Nutrition Program
Volunteers trained in nutrition go to communities to find malnourished people living with HIV/AIDS and refer them Hoima Referral Hospital for treatment. The volunteers are attached to the hospital Aids Clinic and gives support to the health workers, because they are very few.  


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