Together we fight HIV/AIDS

Success stories

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1) The story about Peter
Peter was a young man who was born free of HIV. When he was two years old he fell sick and was taken to Hoima Referral Hospital where he was found to be anaemic. Then his mother gave infected blood to Peter and he attracted HIV. Later the mother died and Peter stayed with his grandmother who was not able to give Peter enough support. Veronica Asaba, the coordinator of Meeting Point Hoima, adapted Peter and he started getting HIV treatment (ARUS) with support from one of the donators of Meeting Point Hoima (AVSI). Peter is now completing his education as a primary teacher.

2) The story about Michael
Michael was born with HIV. He lived with his grandfather, because his parents had died from AIDS. The grandfather had an alcohol problem and he took no good care of Michael. Michael did not go to school and he did not get any treatment. Meeting Point Hoima found out that there were a problem and they took Michael to the Welcoming House. The Welcoming House is a place were orphaned children suffering from HIV is placed. They are taken good care of, and they are supporting with everything (food, shelter, clothing etc.). Today Michael has started primary school and he is doing very well.

3) The story about Mary
Mary was a very small girl when her father started abusing her. He was a terrible man and he infected her with HIV. Some years later the father died from AIDS. Mary moved to her sister and her husband. The husband started abusing Mary and she had to move to some other family. Of course Mary was really emotional affected by these horrible experiences and she could not follow in school. She felt really unhappy. Meeting Point Hoima took action in collaboration with the family and the community. Meeting Point Hoima got her accepted at a rehabilitation centre in Kampala, where she is today. 


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